What I Didn’t Learn in School (and Should Have)

One of the many, many benefits of working at Natural Grocers is that they care about our education on nutrition. Once a month we have a two hour meeting catching up on what’s in the nutrition news, the benefits of the different vitamins we’re selling, and answering any questions we have about health in general. This store really is amazing & I wish we would’ve had one in Iowa. Anyways, sometimes it amazes me of things I didn’t learn in school growing up but definitely should’ve. The importance of health & nutrition, especially at such a developmental stage in our lives (middle school/high school), is crucial. How did our school not even have a Human Nutrition class?? Crazy. Well, I just wanted to write a short post about the importance of gut health.

Our gut contains trillions upon trillions of bacteria, and it does many more things than help with digestive problems. Healthy bacteria can reduce allergies, immune diseases ( cold, flu, etc), mood & behavior disorders, the list seriously goes on & on.

Here is a snip of an article I read this morning ( the article was about antibiotics in meat, but it had a great paragraph summarizing the importance of gut health )

“When it comes to your mental health, your behavior and even your mood, we tend to think that the brain is in charge. In reality, your gut may be calling the shots.”

“In addition to the brain in your head, embedded in the wall of your gut is your enteric nervous system (ENS), which works both independently of and in conjunction with the brain in your head. Your ENS contains 500 million neurons and is thought to be largely responsible for your “gut instincts,” responding to environmental threats and sending information to your brain that affects your well-being.”

Article Found Here

I don’t want to get all dietetic on you, so I will leave some website links for you to do some more research if you are interested. But gut health truly is one of the most important systems in your body and can create illness, behavior issues, etc. if your gut bacteria is not in good balance. I take probiotics every morning to keep those good bacteria in balance! Eating a good, well balanced diet of organic food (or the less chemicals in your food, the better), can help maintain healthy flora. I just wish human nutrition and the quality of our food would’ve been taught more in our school system.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

– morgan


I take the berry flavored Inner-Eco probiotic. It tastes like a berry flavored sprite, only need 1 tablespoon a day, and I can drink it by itself or easily add to smoothies. I LOVE it. And it’s only around $10! * Image taken from http://www.inner-eco.com *

Website Links

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Good Health Starts in the Gut – Probiotics and You


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