A Week Recap of Festivities

What an amazing week it has been! Full of positive people and vibes in general.

It was another holiday in the books without our family. Easter isn’t too huge of a deal for us, unlike Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. but nonetheless it was great to have one of my coworkers invite Kolin & I to his Easter in Denver. We barely knew him but figured hey, what else are we going to do on this beautiful Sunday without family? It turned out to be one of the best, most positive days we’ve ever had since moving here! See what happens when you just put yourself out there? Incredible things can happen.

one of the room in their home.

one of the rooms in their home.

It was a beautiful old Victorian home sitting right by a lake in the middle of Denver. It was amazing to experience a Hispanic culture on a holiday. We could feel the closeness and the love of this big family the second we walked in. There wasn’t a moment I felt uncomfortable or awkward, we were bombarded with food, drinks, and good laughs. They made it an event to make sure we got to the lake in time to watch the sun go down, the simplicity of their happiness is definitely relatable.

2015-04-11 11.48.32

2015-04-11 11.50.18

Later in the week we met up with our friend again to venture Denver some more. We walked around and found some hidden gems of book stores, local breweries, and an amazing restaurant called Cafe Brazil that were all too nice with the refill of drinks 🙂 We got to talk to the owners of each place and really understand how they opened up their own place. We just had so much fun out & being social and it’s great to find friends that you connect with so well. So, this post is to Ben, who was our little tour guide showing the little hole in the walls that are full of great people, great food, and leave us with great memories.

until next time,

• morgan

2015-04-11 11.47.57

that is pure happiness right there.

2015-04-11 11.47.31

egg toss fun

Book Bar in Denver, including a mini free library outside.

Book Bar in Denver, including a mini free library outside.


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