Rainy Morning ft. Vitamin Supplements Info

It’s been a weird week in the Denver area. Started off the week wearing shorts & flip flops, to snow yesterday, to rain & hail today. The poor flowers & blooming trees have been taking a beating.

Along with this crappy weather, Kolin has been sick as a dog for about a week. I used to get about 4-5 awful colds that lasted a week or more every single winter. Since moving & working at my natural health store, I’ve learned a lot about nutrition and realizing no matter how amazing you eat, you’re gonna need a little help with some vitamins. Due to the quality of our foods, the time it takes for the food to be delivered from farm to store, & the soil they are grown in, things are not as nutritious as they once used to be. Since taking vitamins & probiotics daily I have not had ONE SINGLE COLD ALL WINTER! I feel amazing & have never taken my health for granted. BUT, with Kolin living in this 400 sq ft place with me, it’s quite the challenge to not get whatever he has.

The daily vitamins I take + extra to help with immunity.

The daily vitamins I take + extra to help with immunity. Cordyceps mushroom immune spray, B-Complex, multivitamin, good fatty omegas from Evening Primose oil, concentrated garlic capsules, magnesium, tumeric capsules, probiotics, & last but not least, Vitamin C 🙂

I guess you could say this is a pretty intense squad of vitamins for one girl. The vitamin C & cordyceps immune spray are extra for combating Kolin’s deathly cold. But hey, I haven’t gotten sick yet! He’s had it for over a week & I’ve woken up with a sore throat in the past couple mornings but that’s about as intense as it gets. I’m hoping I pull through.  If you’re not taking ANY supplements whatsoever, I encourage you to at least research the core supplements encouraged for even the healthiest of eaters:

B-Complex Vitamins

Fish Oil (EPA/DHA/Omegas)



There have also been studies finding how many people are deficient in Magnesium which is extremely important for your muscles & brain, & Vitamin D, which has tons of overall benefits for your body and mind that people don’t hear about. (if you’re interested in researching as well)

There tends to be a bad rap on supplemental vitamins for some reason. Calling it ‘expensive urine’ or pointless or whatever. But I can honestly say I have never felt healthier & more energized throughout the day-to-day routines. There has also been stories in the news lately about vitamins being found in supermarkets (Target, Walmart, etc) of being tested for quality, to find out that they are filled with mostly fillers & barely any of the vitamin, herb, etc that it claims it is. So be careful of the brand you are getting! As long as you research about the brand, dosage, and mixing of different vitamins you are taking, they are a positive addition to your lifestyle.

Hopefully all you Iowans are enjoying your amazing weather! I’m getting more & more excited to have my family come see me in May for my 21st birthday! Hopefully the snow will be gone for good by then 🙂

until next time,



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