Spontaneous Grand Canyon Trip

Since Kolin & I had a few free days off, we thought that we should go on a lil’ road trip! We couldn’t remember the last time him & I went on one, just him & I (probably when we moved here) and thought we were due for a new one.

We were set on Zion National Park in Utah & we were stoked. It looked like a beautiful trip with endless hiking options that us and the pup would enjoy. We made reservations for a campsite, printed out maps & activities to do, needless to say we were pumped. We planned it about 5 days ahead of time, but the night before we were about to head out we found out dogs are not allowed in the park…

Now what? We were pretty bummed out..but we started thinking, Hey, wasn’t meant to happen, but where else could we go?! We already had the mindset of a long car ride to a cool place so we started brainstorming. So….at 8pm we decided that at 5am the next morning we would head out to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. & the first thing I researched was if dogs were allowed – and they were! 🙂

Now, spontaneous ideas are fun & exciting, but that comes along with very little planning which can be stressful at times. We woke up the next morning, packed everything & left. We headed to King Soopers to get some sunscreen and lawn chairs, get gas, and we were off….or so we thought.

About a half mile out of King Soopers Kolin noticed the gas tank door was flipped open….pulled over on the side of the road to realize the gas cap was missing….Being up at 4am had us a little loopy & Kolin accidentally left the cap on top of the car.

SO..we had to back track all the way to the grocery store & we somehow managed to find the cap on the side of the road. We ALSO forgot food in our fridge so we had to go back for that. Let’s just say it was an eventful morning.

The trip went smoothly after that. We arrived safely, got our campsite, and took in the breathtaking view. I love the pictures I took, but honestly, it does not do it justice. The first view I got of the Grand Canyon didn’t even seem real, I felt like I was looking at a giant canvas. I mean it is just MASSIVE, it looked fake.

All in all, I believe the Grand Canyon is something worth seeing, but Kolin & I came in with the mindset of being able to hike crazy fun trails down below in the canyon. Having Max, they have strict restrictions with where dogs are allowed. They are only allowed on developed, paved trails along the South Rim of the Canyon. Which is where we went, but was PACKED of tourists in fancy clothes & selfie sticks, and we had to leave Max on a leash the whole time. It just wasn’t our style, we wanted to get down & dirty & find sweet hiking trails, & all we could do was look behind a fence & take pictures.

We do not regret the trip, it was something to check off the bucket list & it really is a spectacular view. And we got our first camp of the season (made an awesome fort in our car), but I suggest anyone who goes to NOT bring pets along. I never knew how much dogs are not wanted in National Parks & Forests. Which sucks cause Max is an awesome hiking buddy.

Enjoy the pics!



Animal life

Animal life

cozy-ness. good thing we're both short people.

cozy-ness. good thing we’re both short people.





Desert View Watchtower - near our campsite

Desert View Watchtower – near our campsite

2015-05-01 11.11.31

Max having no appreciation of what he is laying next to.

Max having no appreciation of what he is laying next to.

2015-05-01 11.04.51
2015-05-01 11.06.12
2015-05-01 11.07.32

mountain lions

mountain lions

2015-05-01 11.09.49


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