Science of the Heart

Δ View of my beautiful town in Colorado Δ

‘Ello! So I had an eventful past couple days with my three sisters & my mom coming over to see me in Colorado. We had many, many adventures, but I was too lazy & I put everything on Facebook so I decided I didn’t really need to make a post about it.  It was definitely great to see them again and we got to enjoy The Royal Gorge & Garden of the Gods! & plenty of bar drinking & going out to eat (still recovering)

Anyways, I’ve been in the mood (a great, positive mood) so I decided this was the perfect time to write another post. I’ve watched a couple documentaries & read a few articles/studies done on the science of your heart. It’s actually pretty crazy. I just wanted to share it because I don’t think people realize how much you can affect people around you.

Did you know your heart emits an electromagnetic field? & its frequency changes depending on your current emotion? Is that not AMAZING? & even more crazy…your heart can feel the frequency of OTHER hearts before you even realize, an invisible force. Like when you get a ‘bad vibe’ about someone. Or for people who are super sensitive to other people’s emotions…it’s because your body (heart in particular) can physically feel the other person’s emotion/mood they are currently in. If your friend is in a negative, debbie-downer mood, it’s hard to not go down to their level. & you can definitely feel their emotion, without even talking to them. Pretty interesting.



Source of 2 images : TIS

Changing your attitude and your emotion can create a positive frequency that people can notice. Someone can walk into a room and you can just feel their warm, accepting happiness. It affects you & can even put you in a better mood. I am a person who is SUPER sensitive to other people’s emotions. It’s a blessing & a curse. I am a good person to talk to about personal things because I feel like I really understand them, but if someone around me is in a super down mood, it can plummet my mood in seconds. I get down to their frequency level and it’s hard for me to get out of. But, I’m working on it. i try to stay in a positive mood, no matter how bad the situation. I try to make it a learning experience, take what I can from it and move on. I personally think it’s selfish of me to be in a grumpy, bad mood around other people because I don’t want to ruin the moment they’re in. But, not all people are as sensitive with other people’s moods as I am. 🙂

So, why not be that person that can turn someone’s day around for the better? Realize how much your mood can affect people around you. It starts from inside, mentally. Change you perception – change your attitude – create a good, positive vibe & you attract the same. Other people will notice & will want to be around you, communicate with you, because you’re a positive, mentally healthy person to be around.

It’s beautiful learning how in-tune our bodies are to us mentally and physically. I would research about it if you’re intrigued.

until next time,



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