Balance is Key

Hey everyone! So, since I have been starting my new job & the weather has finally been treatin’ us well, I keep being reminded the importance of balance in my life.

Yin & yang is everything!  It’s everywhere! Balance in your life is a must and being mindful of that makes life a whole lot easier to handle. You need the negatives to appreciate the positives. Nature needs winter to rebirth & bloom in the spring. You need to sleep at night to have the energy to have an amazing day. You need to exercise your body to be able fuel your body with the food that you enjoy.

After quitting my job at my health food store, I probably had a good month before I turned 21 & could work at my current job. It was a month filled with no agenda, no job, and 24 hours a day of free time. Trust me, it was pretty nice for a while. I was able to hike whenever the weather was cooperating & if I felt like going out with friends for a night, I didn’t have to worry about work in the morning. It felt like summer vacation after a year of school. But, too much of anything (good or bad) isn’t a good thing. The amazing feeling of no schedule slowly but surely started to dwindle, I got bored & a hike for the 10th time in a row didn’t sound exciting anymore. It’s hard to appreciate something if you ALWAYS have it. You can go crazy. You need moon just as much as you need sun.

Now that I am working again, I absolutely ADORE my days off & I utilize them down to the hour with productive activities. You appreciate it more because you earned that free day of fun. And you know it won’t last forever. That’s also why I love being so physically active. After a heavy lifting session at the gym, or a heavy all-day hike; it feels A M A Z I N G to sit my tired butt on the couch and indulge in a big meal with some Netflix. Because, I earned it!

• B A L A N C E •

& emotionally, if you’re havin a bad day, or even a bad week, just realize

“This too, shall pass.”

Nothing ever stays the same, things are constantly changing, up to down, happy to sad, life is fluid. Realize you have no control in this crazy thing we call life & just go with the flow. Enjoy the happy times, learn & grow from the sad ones.  And keep in mind – too much of a good thing is never a good thing.

until next time,




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