How Are You Experiencing Life?

I absolutely love when I go into these trains of thought and get deep into my mind about life & everything about it. It’s so beautiful, this ride we’re on for 70-90 years (if you’re lucky). You get to enjoy this life with this body and this conscious only once, don’t waste it! Who knows where you’ll end up after this life is over; reincarnation with another body and another conscious, heaven, a different planet, the possibilities are endless and I think we can all secretly agree no one has any idea where we go after this ride.

Now, how are you experiencing this life? Are you making it worthwhile?  It can be kind of overwhelming to think about, but it can also be very simple if you let it.  You only get one chance to live this life, so…experience it! Travel, pump up that adrenaline, make last-minute plans, meet new people, experience different cultures besides your own. I hate the saying ‘no regrets’ because it sounds so juvenile but I totally believe in it. I have 0 regrets, zip, zilch. Any dumb, irresponsible, unsafe decisions I have made I learned from. I have that experience with me and I will always have it to look back on for future choices (so maybe I’ll make some smarter decisions next time 😉 ).

It’s very easy to get wrapped up in the social norms;

“Where are you going to college?”

“What do you want to do when you grow up?” 

“UH, you have no plans?!? That’s not very secure….You need that retirement fund…so when you’re 60 you’ll be sittin on a bunch of cash on your back deck because your knees ache too much to do anything adventurous and thrilling..”

(^total joke, no offense, but you get the point)

The pressure of society can be scary and can push away that creative, thrilling side of you. & that’s not how it should be!

If someone would’ve told me at 18 that in three years I’d be living in Colorado with my boyfriend selling legal marijuana to medical patients I would’ve definitely laughed in their face. I mean how crazy life is, you never know where you’ll end up, so why try to prepare for something that may never happen?

I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, I LOVE going to work, it’s not even work to me, it’s a place where I socialize with all these amazing different people and help them along the way with their needs.

I have been going through such a personal, spiritual life change the past couple years and it has done nothing but help me appreciate life and live as simply and happy as I can be. I don’t take life seriously, but in a good way. There are many things we can’t control and too many people get frustrated or upset with life because they keep trying to keep things in order with the ‘checklist’ society created and life just doesn’t work like that. Life is unpredictable. The only thing we know for certain is that we don’t have much time here. You could die tomorrow, you could get a life-threatening disease, you could be driving home from work and someone could kill you in an instant with these massive vehicles we drive with every day. Our bodies are so fragile and we tend to not think in this way, humans have this weird perception that we are indestructible and will live forever, until something bad happens. Then you’re like, Oh, shit, I really could’ve ended my life forever today.

There is a conscious revolution happening here on Earth (thanks internet & psychedelics) and it’s AMAZING! People are starting to wake up and realize how precious time is & life itself. We are getting more selfish with our own life, which is good. Instead of thinking “Well I can’t wait to grow up and have a family and be a stay-at-home mom while my husband provides for us all day every day.” Now women are like “Well shit, I wanna backpack in Asia with my best friend and learn their culture and meet new people.” It’s crazy looking back at gender roles of different generations.

I just hope we can learn to not take life so seriously, and to listen to our own intuition, not someone else’s opinions based on their own experiences. You are your own person, with your own goals, with your own past, so own your future. Follow ANY path you want, whether it’s traveling, going to school for something you have a passion for, being single your whole life or finding the one. The more you listen to yourself, the happier you are, the less regrets you’ll have, and when you’re 90 years old you can be content with the way you enjoyed life while you could.

until next time,




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