Internal Happiness

I am a person who ( Kolin can confirm 😉 ) who is extremely sensitive to people’s emotions and attitudes. If someone is in a negative mood, I automatically assume it has to do with me, something about me, something I’m doing wrong, etc. It’s pretty selfish if I think about it because 99.9% it is something going on in their lives or in their own head. I read this quote today and it just really spoke to me

“Happy people don’t go around making people unhappy. People who are generally happy in life often want to spread that emotion like wildfire. So the next time someone tries to bring you down and ruin your day, remind yourself that people who are internally happy don’t behave that way. It’s not you, the problem is with them. Wish them peace & walk away.”

I mean, how perfectly said is that?

This couldn’t be more true, learn to take things less personally. There are plenty of Negative Nancys in this world, and people who are generally negative and unhappy every day have a reason. Every one knows a Negative Nancy; always complaining, throwing in negative comments about every single thing, it’s a rare sight to see them crack a smile. These people never see the silver lining of situations, thinking the world is out to get them. I used to be super offended by them, wondering how they could think of life so negatively, and how they would want to spread that negative energy towards the people around them. But through all these changes I have been going through the past couple of years, I keep changing my perspective with situations. These people are internally unhappy. They aren’t happy with their own self. And if you aren’t content and happy with your own self, your own body, your own thoughts, it makes life 10000% harder.

A huge part of life is figuring yourself out, I mean truly, down to the core, your true self. Being content with who you are as a person; your passions, your lifestyle, what you do in your free time, it’s important. Fresh out of high school I was battling with who I really was, and who I was trying to be. I was trying to go out every night with people I barely knew, people who don’t truly care about me. I got the energy to go out every night when in the back of my mind I knew I wanted to stay in and relax/read/internet surf. Of course I had those nights where I definitely was itchin for a good time, but I couldn’t keep up with the college party scene anymore. Which I felt embarrassed of, I mean hello, I was 19, fresh outta high school, and was already bored of it. This tug-of-war between my sub conscious and who I was trying to be for society was wearing me down emotionally and physically. Totally out of shape, felt like shit every morning, was trying to make too many people happy that weren’t really important people in my life. Once I started smoking, spending more time by myself & with Kolin, I learned more about myself, stayed in more, I became happier. I started doing things I wanted  to do. I read, watched documentaries, I fed myself with knowledge and realized my passion for traveling and getting outside of this box I was in.

I started going to the gym every day, drinking less, eating better. Since I was feeling better about myself, I was content with who I was, so I didn’t need anyone else’s approval. That’s the key. I wasn’t trying to be socially acceptable anymore, I just didn’t care. I knew I was starting to do what truly made me happy, and that was enough for me. I didn’t need to go out every weekend to show everyone ‘Hey, look I’m still social! I still party!” Now, I still post plenty of pictures & blog posts, but now I do it to inspire people. Inspire the ones who think there’s nothing else out there but what they’re doing and they just have to ‘deal with it.’ I have thought plenty of times to drop social media completely. And although I know that could improve my life greatly, I also love showing people the travels I do, the thoughts I have, the places I go. Not to show off, but because I want young adults to know that just because you’re young, doesn’t mean to HAVE to do the party scene 24/7. (which is okay if you want to) But for people who are internally unhappy, and they can’t quite figure out why, there are other paths to take, find the one that suites your soul.

I walked into my old work the other day and all my coworkers commented on how happy & free I looked. People can sense these things, and that’s why people who are so unhappy with their life and themselves are a lot harder to be around.

s p r e a d  p o s i t i v i t y

I kind of went all over the place with this post, but I hope it made sense haha 🙂 I just wanted to explain how important getting to know yourself is! Spend time alone with your thoughts, sit in silence once in a while, jot down some thoughts you have, walk in nature with nothing but the birds and the trees. Listen to yourself.

until next time,



3 thoughts on “Internal Happiness

  1. Marta Frant says:

    I completely understand you. I’ve gone through this part of life too. The realization that there is something better and deeper and more important than parties and “social media life”. Thanks for sharing! 😉

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