Adult Life

‘Ello my friends.

I know I’ve been M.I.A. with this blog the past few months. I’ve been distracted with the whole routine of life thing. Work, eat, workout, sleep, repeat.

It’s such a weird time in my life because I feel so young, yet being out on my own in the beautiful state means I have to take care of myself. Figuring out car insurance, deciding whether or not to take all the benefits at work or stay on my parents.

My toughest decision right now is whether to save up for a new car (which I desperately need) or a new tattoo (which I also desperately need…. 😉 )….adult life I tell ya -__-

It’s a daily struggle deciding whether to work on short term goals or long term goals. One second I wanna save up for a cozy lil house my fam can live in with a backyard, grill, more room. Then the next second I wanna spend every bill of my paycheck on clothes, food, tattoos, and more food (Kolin and I have a ‘going out to eat’ problem).

I guess it’s all about balance, like I say in about every post. I think being out on my own in CO has me feeling like I’m 25 and I’m freakin out, but I’m still a baby! I still have a lot of traveling & exploring to do before I hunker down and settle.

Anyone my age worrying about the future…worry no more! The less you worry, the more things fall into place on their own and you are happy with the way things turn out. People who plan too much can end up feeling defeated too often, because things aren’t happening according to the book.

Do not fret, my friend. Let life flow.

I focus on a day at a time.

What do I need to do today?

What goals can I set today to make tomorrow a better day?

Small daily steps can help a lot a year from now. It’s overwhelming if you think too much in advance. A good example is something as simple as my work schedule.

Instead of thinking like, Ugh, I have three 12 hour shifts left this week.

I go, Okay, just a 12 hr today, you got this. What should I do tonight after work, hit the gym?

Trust me, it makes it a lot easier. Your mindset is EVERYTHING.

Positive thoughts. Positive thoughts. Positive thoughts.

Negative thinking? Be mindful of it, catch it, and then get rid of it. Everyone has negative thoughts but it’s your choice to either let it consume you and ruin your day or let it pass from one ear and out the other.

Do not fret, my friend. Let life flow.

That’s all I got today folks, short & sweet.

til next time,



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