Hellooo my lovelies, fall is upon us already! How beautiful that we embrace nature in decay. It’s a crisp, Monday morning that I have off, so I figured it was a perfect time to catch up on my blog.

It’s been an awesome month, I went home a week ago for a wedding & saw so many old friends, it gave me warm fuzzies inside, bringing back old, happy memories of growing up. & in a week I’ll be headin back again for another wedding! Tis the season for sweet love 🙂

It’s always a trip going back home & seeing things and people from my past. It’s a humble reminder of how far I’ve come in life & as a person. I read a quote today,

“People are rivers, always ready to move from one state of being into another. It is not fair, to treat people as if they are finished beings. Everyone is always becoming and unbecoming.”

I love this, it really stuck with me. It’s so easy to make a judgmental opinion about someone for the action they are currently doing. Why should I judge you, for being at a different stage in life than me? We are continuously growing & learning. Every one is at a different stage.

“We get more compassionate as we evolve. More humble. More subtle. More aware of how little we know. We don’t get superior. We don’t form cults of personality. We don’t think we have it all worked out. If we imagine ourselves ‘all that’, then we have actually devolved. I trust the ones who know a little something but don’t know a whole lot, more than the ones who ‘know it all’. I trust the ones who realize how far they have yet to travel. We have so much more to learn. All of us. Let’s walk together, side by side.

I believe this goes hand in hand with grudges.I recently talked with a couple people that I had problems with years ago & laid everything to rest. How amazing of a feeling? They’re such beautiful people, evolving in life, just like me. So much weight suddenly lifted from my shoulders, I felt at ease. Why keep anger with people who are constantly transforming, just as much as myself? If people still thought of me of who I was at 19…yikes. I don’t even recognize that girl anymore. We need to stop thinking of each other as competition & instead as one team trying to figure out this thing called life, together. We need to help each other, because honestly, none of us know what we are doing at this age, or even older. We’re figuring it out on step at a time & hoping we took the right path. I used to think once you turn ‘adult’ you know what you’re doing. But honestly, there’s people 20 years older than me that are still figuring it out.

There’s no such thing as adults, just humans who have gone through more experiences.

Have compassion for the people who are still figuring it out – AKA everyone! It’s easy to judge, but it’s also easy to be mindful of your thoughts, & recognize how you are reacting about a person. Put yourself in their shoes, as the common saying goes.

Hope this blog wasn’t too all over the place.

Have a hippy, happy, lovin’ Monday, my friends 🙂


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One thought on “Compassion

  1. shellyray says:

    Just stumbled upon your blog and I already love it! This post really hit home for me. Those quotes you shared are really great reminders, and I think compassion is something we should all be striving to become better at. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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