Yesterday, I had to chance to expand my mind & work on some self-improvement.

It’s very easy to get comfortable in the day-to-day routine, I tend to get a little anxious when there’s not anything major happening in my life for a while. I think it’s important to know I can always improve myself for the better.

Making the decision to move to Colorado was a very big step for us, we set the goal and then we dove in, doing everything we could to prepare ourselves for that next step. Always looking up towns to live in, what activities we would do in our free time, what jobs we wanted; it was thrilling and once we settled in, it felt incredible to accomplish our goal. We did it!

There’s nothing more powerful than achieving a goal you thought could not be possible.

But, now that we’re here, I have definitely made myself comfortable. I’ve gotten stuck in the mundane routine of going through the motions and indulging on the good life. And, although it is amazing indulging, too much is never a good idea.  Once you have accomplished your goal, praise yourself, treat yo-self, and then set a new goal to attain. There’s ALWAYS room for self-improvement & striving to be the best version of yourself possible. Without a goal to reach, it’s easy to go auto-pilot on life for a bit. Set a goal to be the best you can be – physically, mentally, long-term, short-term.

Although the end of fall is easy to feel like it’s time to hibernate & spoil yourself a little bit more, take it as a time to hunker down and finish some personal goals for the next warm season. Winter is a beautiful time to focus on good, homemade meals, to take your time at the gym, save up some extra cash for future plans. It is a great self-improvement season.

I believe it’s a necessity to always strive to be a better version of yourself, take the most out of life while you’re here. We have the tools to be the healthiest & happiest we can be as long as we are surrounded by the love of others and realize what is a priority in our individual lives.

Happy Monday, my lovelies

here’s a few pics from this weekend with the fam

2015-10-26 08.58.46

2015-10-24 18.47.41

2015-10-24 18.46.45

2015-10-26 09.10.42





2015-10-26 09.31.32



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