What a  roller coaster this year has been already, and it hasn’t even been a month.

From job searching, losing a loved one, reconnecting with family, it’s brought a new perspective on life. It’s true, there’s always a silver lining to a gloomy situation.

I’m not a huge ‘New Year Resolutions’ type of person, but I’ve been thinking a lot about the life I’m living and who I am as a person, who I strive to be. There are some key points that I’ve learned through 2015 and this emotional beginning of 2016 that I hope to carry forward into this new year.

  1. Stay true to yourself
    1. Social media can make this very difficult for me. I go through phases of staying off all social media, to being on it an unhealthy amount during down time. I follow many people that I look up to for all sorts of goals I have; whether it be fitness, travel, or spiritually related. I go through phases of who I aspire to be. For a few weeks I’m extremely into fitness, wanting to look healthy & aesthetically pleasing. Then I lose that interest; focusing on mindfulness, being surround by nature, working on yoga poses; working on my internal self. I am attempting to balance myself and get rid of ego. Instead of trying to be the best at one thing, dabble in everything that interests you, evenly. I love lifting weights & getting that muscle pump, but I also love hiking for hours through the mountains, taking in the silence & peace that nature offers.  All your diverse passions are what make you unique, absorb every nook & cranny.
  2. Maintain Family Bonds
    1. Losing my Gramps this past week was the first death that affected me. It was indescribable, my heart will never be the same. Through middle school, high school, even early college; kids don’t genuinely comprehend the meaning of family. It’s hard to realize how important they are during those years of ‘being cool,’ partying,  and ‘not having enough time’ to be with them or keep contact. Or you get so caught up in the routine and hustle & bustle of life to keep them in your thoughts. Losing a grandparent (or any one) causes your family to really connect & be there for one another. There’s an emptiness in every one. Your parent lost a parent, your grandmother lost a husband of 50+ years, your sister lost a grandparent. It’s an emotional time to realize how important family is, and how easily you can lose someone in the blink of an eye. It forces you to not take family & friends for granted. Keep in touch, update each other, visit one another as often as you can, & absorb each other’s love and knowledge.
  3.  Explore Life – Enjoy Life 
    1. Every death reminds you of the cliche quote about not taking life for granted. Explore more, travel further, love stronger. Stop wasting your energy & thoughts worrying about irrelevant things. Focus on love, family, & living. Family doesn’t have to mean blood; it’s whoever you know is important in your life. Don’t live for anyone’s expectations but your own – happiness is from within, not from other people’s approvals. Spend time on experiences, not materials. I promise you won’t regret it.

Life is an unpredictable trip, you could honestly leave this Earth tomorrow. Might as well be living every day to your highest potential, while putting a smile on some faces along the way.

until next time,



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