Am I Limiting My Potential?

It’s a warm(ish) February afternoon, chores are finished, the pup had his walk, & the tea is brewing. I’ve been on this kick of working on myself & reading during downtime, instead of mindlessly scrolling social media (every day I question why I still have it; I blame addiction.)

I currently have a Deepak Chopra obsession. His ideas & philosophies on health, happiness, & spiritual well-being are right up my alley. Right now, I’m reading Super Brain & it’s given me quite the insight on myself, which brought me to this next blog post:

Am I limiting my potential?

The brain is an amazing organ. To this day, there’s still questions that can’t be answered about how it truly works (I mean, hello, our consciousness? That in itself is magical! Like, you’re talking to yourself in your head right now..& now you’re thinking about how you’re thinking…trippy, huh?) Anyways, I’ve come to this realization that I have been letting my brain control me, instead of ME controlling MY BRAIN. 

Let me explain –

People are quick to blame their issues/problems on other people, their genetics, their past; the list can go on forever. But, few people point the finger at themselves. Don’t get me wrong, those can definitely be factors, but I don’t believe it’s the underlying cause.

I believe it’s ourselves, limiting our potential.

There are studies done presenting the idea of being able to alter our genes, depending on our environment & our drive to better ourselves at something. Our brain is continually adapting & learning until the day we die. The brain is an organ, just that. It’s not you, it’s not your soul, or your conscious. Your brain eavesdrops when you think,

Ah, there’s no way I could do that!

Well, that person was born with that talent, they’re lucky.

I can’t.

“If you teach it about limitation, your brain will become limited.”

A brain is a muscle, you need to constantly challenge it, work it, & test its potential; or it will not grow.

What kills your brain – Routine. Habit. Going through the motions of your day mindlessly.

What advances your brain – Creativity. Spontaneity. Curiosity. Adapting. Evolving.

“Creativity is a living, breathing, ever-new inspiration that no computer can match. Why not take full advantage of it?”

Negative emotions like jealously & anger don’t have a purpose either, besides destruction. Destructive emotion is the brain controlling you, instead of the other way around.

Control your brain, control your thoughts.

I’m making it a responsibility every day to try something new, change up my routine, expand my knowledge in at least one way, be mindful in every thing that I am doing, avoid falling into bad habits by walking away or letting go, & play with my creative side, whether it be writing, reading, drawing, etc.

Now, from the beginning of this post to finally ending it, I see that my social media problem is me! 😉 .  It’s called routine & turning off my brain. I need to change the routine pathway of my brain always going to social media when I’m not doing something. 🙂

I hope this post helped you in one way or another, it has definitely helped me!

Have a fantastic week, everyone.

until next time,



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