I’ve had such motivation this past month, with this spring-like weather we’ve been having, getting things prepared for our backpacking trip in a couple months, and getting in the groove of my new job.

Kolin & I have been home-cooking on the regular. It has been ahhhmazing! Changing my mindset from thinking cooking as a chore, and instead thinking of it as a fun, learning activity. We get to be in the kitchen for a couple hours (instead of in front of the TV), chat, jam to some tunes, and learn the ins and outs of cooking along the way. Then at the end of the day you truly appreciate what you’re eating and everything you put into it. It’s the perfect date with your significant other without leaving the house (and save some $$$ too!)

I suggest anyone with Netflix to watch ‘Cooked’. It’s a beautifully-created mini-series documentary about the basics of our food & how important cooking is now more than ever in American culture. It definitely inspired us.

I also created an Instagram account for this blog:


(thinking about a Facebook page..still thinking)

I am utilizing that account to post daily for motivation, self-help, travel photos, and more. I realize how much I love positivity and showing how beneficial it can be to have control over your life and mindset. I love helping people and showing alternative ways to living. I’ve been looking into what a life coach entails, it sounds intriguing and up my alley. I hope I could incorporate that with my Holistic Health program I’m going into in the fall.


I think I’ve had such a great month because I’ve had great balance in my life lately. From hitting the gym, to exploring the woods, being social with friends, and utilizing my brain teaching myself new things. I talk about balance often, but dang, it makes my life a heck of a lot happier! I’m content. I’m doing whatever feels right and it’s working in my favor. Intuition is everything.

I think that’s all for now, a short & sweet update into my bubble.

Have an awesome week; teach yourself something new, enjoy some alone time, and try a new recipe!

until next time,



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