The Unexpected Teachings of Yoga

It’s truly spectacular what a new moon’s energy can do to my motivation. I have felt like a completely new person, focusing on myself and guiding myself through new challenges every day. It’s stimulating as well as rewarding.

Yoga has always been an off & on practice for me, but lately it’s been my morning routine. I have fallen for it in a new way & I know this time is different. I’m excited to wake up every morning, roll out the mat, set up the tripod, press record, and begin. I’ve looked at yoga through a new lens, a perspective different than before, & I’m discovering things about myself that I haven’t previously.

Yoga can teach much more than how to be flexible or how to pose in Lotus. It’s teaching me life lessons. Here are a few things I am discovering:


What a virtue, indeed. It’s a struggle in today’s world of needing everything you want at the exact moment you want it. I teach myself most of the poses through other yogis’ social media, as they do an amazing job showing step-by-step how a beginner can eventually reach to a professional. But that’s what I am, a beginner. It can be defeating to look at all these yogis, contorting their body every which way, almost looking humanly impossible. But all it takes is time. Persistence. Practice. Patience. There is no end goal to yoga, except to better yourself than who you were yesterday. Even from the past week I’ve been routinely practicing, I’m getting stronger & more comfortable with my poses. Don’t rush, enjoy the journey.


Yoga is about being in the moment. It is the epitome of being mindful. Trying to go into a new pose while thinking about something that happened earlier that day, or the future, will lead to falling out of the pose. I don’t know how many times I’m using all my strength to go into an inversion & I can’t finish the pose, later to realize I’m thinking of other things in the back of my head. Feel every muscle flexing, focus on your breath, feel what your body is currently doing. Be mindful of yourself  & you will accomplish more. You will go farther. Yoga turns off the endless, exhausting thoughts in your brain & tunes you into your self. Which we all need to do a little more.


If there’s one thing I feel like I will forever be working on, it’s my discipline.  I get this drive to do something, and the second the drive is gone, it’s hard for me to keep going. I’ll eat well for a couple days, only to go to a restaurant & dive deep into a dish of hot wings a few days later. I’ll go to the gym for a week straight, then take a week off. You need more than motivation when it comes to changing your lifestyle for the better. Motivation can diminish, but discipline will keep you going. You will wake up at 5am one day and want nothing to do but go back under the covers. You lost all drive, but routine will be the thing to keep you going. You don’t want to go to the gym, or tie up those laces for a run, but you’ll get up anyway. And you’ll go. Because that’s the only way to get better. Some days I don’t have enough drive to put on workout clothes & lay out the mat. But, the second I move past those negative thoughts, the yoga shorts are on, the mat is rolled out; I have no regrets. I’m in the zone and ready to go. I watch my recordings & see how I can better myself the next time I do that pose. Then I do it again. The few times I’ll admit routine is a positive thing is when it comes to bettering yourself physically. Routine will be your best friend, because whether or not you’re motivated to do that task, you’ll do it anways, because you know you have to. To be a better you than yesterday.

While I am still in the beginning of practicing yoga, and I know I will keep learning things down the way, I hope this gives inspiration for the souls who need it.

until next time,

• morgan



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