Nature’s Revival

It’s been a slow start to the morning in our household. It’s a moon day for me – I’m off work, I’m still in my PJs, and my coffee isn’t quite finished. My only plans for the day are to get outside, run a few errands, and relax. We all need a moon phase just as much as sun. Relax just as much as you work.

Our windows are open & the birds are chirping, and slowly I breathe in the fresh, warm air of spring. It’s the season of nature’s revival; the trees are sprouting and the flowers are breaking free of the earth. It’s a beautiful renaissance of a time, where we are all awakening from the hibernation of winter – ready to work on ourselves and achieve new goals for the year that lies ahead. It’s my favorite time of the year because the energy is strong & positive.

I always utilize this season to reaffirm what I want to accomplish in life and myself. In about a month I’m going to be backpacking the Grand Canyon with a few of my favorite people. It’ll be the perfect beginning of an equinox & it’ll set my year for a positive one. It’s beautiful actually, because at about the same time last year I was standing above the Grand Canyon, now I’ll be venturing in it.

I don’t believe I took advantage of adventure last summer, I worked long hours and spent my days off around town. We got caught up in the routine of life, which is what gives us such deep motivation for the year to come. I believe there’s always a positive side to a negative situation, and last summer has given me nothing but drive to utilize the seasons ahead. Also, losing my Gramps this past January has given me a whole new perspective on living and utilizing the time that we’re given here, he was such a travel bug in his time and I hope to make him proud to see how far and wide I explore.

Today marks a full year of blogging, a year of sharing my thoughts, travels, and perspectives. It’s one of the best things I could’ve started for myself because it’s given me a voice & a chance to blossom into who I currently am. Thinking of who I was at 19, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished and who I’ve turned into. I went from partying with strangers who have no similar interests, to having life goals, caring for myself spiritually & physically, and knowing there’s more to life than the small world of where I grew up. Every day I strive to be a better person than who I was the day before, and I couldn’t of said that before I moved to Colorado. I strive to broaden my perspectives & show compassion for everyone. I no longer try to hide who I am or try  to be something I’m not. It’s liberating. I may not be the average 21 year old American, but I love it.

Take this energy of spring’s revival to work on yourself. Look around at the life you’re living & see if you’re content with your surroundings. Your social group, your environment, your hobbies, your mindset on life. Are these things creating a positive impact? Are they benefiting your well-being? Or are they holding you back from who you secretly wish to be or what you want to accomplish in life? It’s always healthy to ask yourself these questions every once in a while. Just do a little check-in with your soul to affirm your happiness, because happiness is from within & the choices you are making for yourself.

Happy spring, my loves.

until next time,

• morgan


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