The Essence of Life

“All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.”

I believe every human at one point in their life questions their own existence, the ‘Why am I here? What’s the meaning of life?’ type questions. The benefits of consciousness is having the ability to wonder, and to dream. 

What is the essence to life? What are we here for?  I personally believe our souls always live on, whether we are on this Earth or not, in a different vehicle (body) through multiple lives, always traveling in and out of the cosmos. Our time here on Earth is limited & unknown for every single one of you. It could be 80 trips around the sun, it could be 20

I worry people spend too much of their time on this planet wondering their ‘purpose’. Wondering why they are here and what will be their ‘thing’ that contributes to our society. They spend their entire life searching for this one, big, positive impact they can eventually create.

Not realizing, a person can make a small, but powerful, impact every single day.

I believe the essence of life is love.

Realize that all you have is today. What can you contribute today that will lead to a better tomorrow? That will lead to happiness in someone else’s life? No, you don’t have to end world hunger, or create an invention for thousands. All you need to do to make a difference, is to leave a positive mark on someone’s soul. To leave it better than it was before your paths crossed. It’s a chain reaction – spreading happiness to one another. Smile to a stranger, ask your cashier how their day is going, call up an old friend and reminiscence the good times, see what path someone is taking in life and congratulate them on the simple things. Each tiny, positive impact we can make on one person’s day – can create happiness to others, spreading vastly like wildfire.

In my small hometown, love spreads easily, everyone knows everyone, and when someone is hurt, the whole community is. A young man’s life ended about a lifetime too early, a young man in his early 20s, just beginning the beautiful exploration of life.

And although at this moment in time it’s hard to even think of one single blessing out of this tragedy, there is one I can think of. Maybe not a blessing, but something to think about: seeing the importance of love.

Such a young soul had impacted an entire community, such a young soul left a positive impact of literally thousands of people. Although he left here way too early for us to understand, his imprint will last a lifetime. And I think that’s pretty beautiful. If there is one thing I want to do before my time is due, it is to leave people in a better place than where I found them. Unfortunately, a lot of times we don’t realize the impact of a soul until they are no longer there. It takes absence to bring appreciation.

The meaning to life? Love. To spread happiness to others every single day. After you’re gone, people won’t remember what degree you had, what model of car, or the followers on your social media. People will remember how you treated them. People will remember how you made them feel, how their energy was when they were around you. Nothing negative comes from making someone’s day better, or lending a helping hand. More often than not, it fuels your own soul just as much, if not more, as theirs.

There are 24 hours in one day. 8 of those are for sleeping. That means there’s 16 hours left in your day, during your hustle and bustle with work, kids, school, etc, to make a minimum of ONE positive impact on someone else’s day. 16 hours to help one individual. I think we can all find the time in our day to do so.

Every single human is capable of spreading love. You don’t know the last time you will see someone, or people will see you. There is no time for grudges, for silly arguments, or hatred. Living is about being happy. And happy people spread happiness.

until next time,



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