Forgotten Beauty

I have been obsessing over trees lately.

The way they are grounded.


So easy to look straight at them,

but look up.

There’s so much more than meets the eye,

Looking at them from a different perspective.


You see how truly exquisite and intricate they are.

Branches webbed through each other like a beautiful mess.

Looking up,

the tree is engulfing you,

hugging you.

There’s a comfort to them.

Providing so much for so many,

And all they are is there,

sturdy, grounded.

Creating a safe haven for fragile critters above Earth’s floor.

Branches as stepping stones,

So we can see the beauty around us that they see.

So we can feel the sun’s warmth like they can.

Creating the air that we breathe to survive.

Blossoming the fruit that nourishes us.

It’s tempting to look for beauty in big landscapes;

oceans, mountains, meadows.

But there’s so much beauty in things we pass by every day.

A flower blooming, the smell of fresh grass,

And, of course, trees.

The feeling I get sitting at their base,

looking up at it’s ginormous trunk & looming canopy.

The vibrations are strong,

but the feeling is calm.

My entire hike I’m searching for such extreme beauty,

trying to capture an entire mountain range,

When the most beautiful thing I saw

Was when I sat next to that tree,

And looked up.

I scribbled this in my journal as I was laying in the freshly green grass. I’m not sure if you would call it poetry, more just jotting down my thoughts and feelings in a quick way. And I’m not sure where this obsession with trees came from. I think it’s because there’s so much more than what meets the eye. And I’m not lessening the beauty of the Colorado mountains, the beauty of one thing does not lessen the beauty of something else (remember that!). They’re both just beautiful. Maybe I have some envy of the grounded-ness of trees compared to myself. They are so deeply rooted into who they are and the strength of their core, and that’s what I want to work on the most in myself.

When I think of trees, I think of  Grandma Willow in Pocahontas; full of wisdom & strength. Honestly, trees give me the comfort of an elder – wise & safe.

I haven’t been feeling 100% lately with everything going on in life around me, so heading deep into nature by myself with nothing but a notebook and a pen is exactly what my soul needed.

Take in the beauty of the simple things, wherever you are. Just because you aren’t surrounded by mountains or on the beach looking out toward the ocean, doesn’t mean there isn’t beauty around you. Your mind just has to go back to when you were a child, every single thing was fascinating to look at. How green the leaves were, how soft the grass was, how beautiful the birds sang. There’s beauty all around you, you’ve just become immune to your surroundings.

until next time,


  photos I captured today  ∨



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