Seizing the Day

Carpe diem, anyone?

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase before, carpe diem. Whether it be a tattoo on a pretty girl’s wrist or someone’s bio on their social media. But, what does it really  mean?  Understanding the infamous quote down to its core can shake up your daily routine in nothing but a positive way.

car·pe di·em

ˌkärpā ˈdēˌem/


  1. used to urge someone to make the most of the present time and give little thought to the future.


    One of my daily mantras is  – Utilize the Day. As with every Spring, I feel rejuvenated from the hibernating Winter. I feel reborn, with goals set for the new year, dreams I want to pursue, and places I want to explore.

    In the age we live in now, it’s difficult to be present. We have technology surrounding us; tablets, smartphones, social media, video games, it’s too easy to tune out our current lives with distractions. People no longer enjoy being alone with their thoughts, the second we start thinking – we pick up the phone & turn off our brain.

    I love talking to the generations before us, especially the ones who were kids in the 60s & 70s. They explain how they were never burning daylight, they utilized the day from sunrise to sunset;  exploring outdoors, being mischievous with friends, or working their tails off  in the hot sun with physical labor. It seems like it was such a different time, their only distractions from life were the radio and a couple channels on TV.

    It’s easy to come home from a day of work and head straight to the couch. It’s easy to grab food from the drive-thru, head home, and turn on the TV. You’re tired, you have another day of work tomorrow, and you believe the day ends at 6pm.

    Well, it doesn’t have to.

    I’ve noticed my boyfriend & I have been more energized, happier, and accomplished once we started changing up our day-to-day routine. We wake up in the early morning, whether it be to head to the gym, attend a yoga class, or just to be up and clean the house a bit before the day begins. There’s something about the energy of the morning. Yes, the first ten, groggy minutes of trying to get out of bed is always the hardest. But, if you allow yourself to push past that, mornings are the perfect time to get things done. The sun is arising, the lighting is beautiful, and the town is quiet. It’s a very relaxing, but productive time, mornings have become my favorite part of the day. It prepares you for the day that lies ahead. I can make a full & healthy breakfast, clean the place to be less stressful to come home to, and you get time with your family before leaving for the day.

    On days when you’re off of work, it’s extremely easy to do absolutely nothing. Your  reasoning is I deserve this, it’s my day off. I deserve a day to do nothing. Which, can be true some days….some days. Everyone needs a day of indulgence to relax & enjoy the pleasures of doing nothing. But, if you’re doing that every day you have a free schedule, what fun is that?

    Seize the day! Utilize the time you have.

    Time here is limited on this planet, every day is a gift of life. With our society needing us to work 40+ hours  a week to be able to live, every day you have no schedule is a gift. You should be doing as much as possible! Exploring areas around you, reading new books, seeing friends or family, working on new projects, the options are endless. Use that beautiful brain of yours, exercise that healthy body you are lucky enough to have. Your days off shouldn’t be spent laying around, turning your brain off to TV shows or Facebook scrolling. It should be spent discovering, creating, or socializing. Humans have been gifted this extraordinary thing called consciousness, we can learn and discover, we can improve our well-being, why wouldn’t we want to utilize this unique gift we have?

    Seize the day.

    After a rough, emotional week; enjoy the couch. Sometimes it’s healthy to have a moon day full of nothing but emotional and physical restoration. Our society has turned into a stressful, high-strung environment and we need those days of recovery. But, get back up on that horse and think, How can I utilize my time? How can I have a productive and soul-enhancing day? There’s so much beauty to see in this world, in your town, even in your own mind. Keep learning new things, keep creating, keep exploring. Talk to someone new every day. Get all those chores done that you keep putting off for tomorrow. There’s not enough time in the day to do everything, but you would be surprised how much you can accomplish once you keep that TV off and phone in your pocket.

    Life is exciting & ever-changing, why not utilize the time you’re given?

    until next time,

    • morgan


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