Appreciating Your Progression

Humans despise feeling stagnant. We must always be moving forward, accomplishing new goals, pursuing another dream. And although this is a strong point in us, it can also create ample amounts of unneeded stress.

I often love to look back & compare who I was to who I am. Whenever I am feeling antsy with life, I look back to appreciate where I am currently at. It is too easy to compare yourself to others that are at a different ‘level’ than you. It’s easy to always feel like a beginner when you try to contrast your life to someone who you attain to be. An idol can be motivating, but also disheartening; always feeling like you’re on an uphill climb.

I dislike the word woke. It seems like being a ‘hippy’ is the current trend. Finding the perfect flower crown to wear to a festival, smoking weed, and talking about positive vibes seems to be the new hip.

And although I am a huge fan of expression (cue pictures of my tattoos and link to this blog) the process of self-discovery is more than the floral romper you put on or the third eye tattooed on your skin. Finding yourself is a mental and spiritual process. It takes time, digging into your soul and discovering yourself from within, not out. Don’t feel like you need to buy a whole new wardrobe to experience this.

We often want to go from step 1 to 100, not wanting to take the time to go through the other 99.  I look back at my time when I was living in Iowa, just moved in with my boyfriend, and so much self-discovery to unfold. Kolin and I started changing everything about our lives and it was nothing short of exciting. I love reminiscing on that period of my life because it was the beginning of something beautiful. You meet someone that changes your perspective on life, you get this excitement learning what else is out there, who else you could meet, and who you could eventually be. The person who I idolized then, is who I am now.

And isn’t that our goal? To become the person you idolized to be?

Although you may not be where you want to end up, appreciate where you are at. Every step in self-discovery & development is essential. Enjoy the discovery, the learning, the confusion. The people who you attain to be used to be in the exact same boat as you, lost with a head full of dreams.

I am not finished with improving myself, but I am a lot closer than I was four years ago. I am enjoying every step, every moment, even if I get a little antsy from time to time.

Social media is full of ‘the perfect life’. Where all the comments are “Goals.Life goals. Relationship goals. Travel goals. Etc, etc.” All these lives that we envy but we don’t think about the process that it took them to get there (except the Kardashians, they don’t count). Instead of thinking, “Goals.” Think, How can I get there? How can I attain this?  And start from there. Want to plan a giant hiking trip? Go backpacking? Make your first move out of state? Start from the beginning, plan out everything on a piece of paper (or Word document). Or do you want something as simple as starting up yoga? The first step is the most crucial. Get the ball rolling, show yourself how committed you are, how serious you are about improving yourself. It gives you the confidence you need to keep going.

“Life goals” are so much more attainable than you think. You just have to make the first move. Research, educate yourself. Enjoy the process of your progression.  It’s a fun ride if you stay present and not worry about the end goal or when you’ll get there.

Happy Monday Motivation to you all,

until next time,

• morgan


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