Taking Charge of Your Destiny

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Nothing saddens me more than seeing a person with such high potential stuck in a negative environment, thinking that where they are in life is their only option. I believe everyone, every single human, has the potential to be something, or someone, great. The best thing about our species is that each one of us are different, where one lacks in something, someone excels at. This creates a need to unite as one, each one of us being able to contribute to society in a unique and positive way.

Environment is everything, if you are not surrounded by positive souls that are able to help you evolve into a better human being, you are in a negative environment. You are either going to become stagnant in life, or worse, regress to a worse version of who you are capable of being.

If there is one thing I would shout from all the rooftops to all the beautiful, lost people in the world, it would be You can change your destiny when you decide to take charge of your destiny!

I talk to too many people, old friends from school or some I barely know, asking me how I up and decided to completely change my life at the blink of an eye. I talk to these friends, I look in their eyes, and it pains me to see the confusion, the defeat, feeling like they’re stuck where they are. They think this is how life is supposed to be for them, that it’s unfortunate but there’s no other way. These people know they don’t belong where they are, and I’ve been there. I feel for these type of souls the most because I was there for so long. I was in an environment I knew I didn’t belong in, but I didn’t know what to do about it. When you grow up in one town your whole life, it’s hard to imagine all the other beautiful places out there, and to think that it is possible to enjoy life somewhere completely different.

This post is for you. This post is for the lost. This post is for the confused, the ones who feel out of place. If you need that ‘sign’ to finally make a positive change in your life; this is it. This is that sign. You are not stuck. But, realize you are the only person that has the power to change your destiny, to turn your life in the direction of your choosing. That’s the best part of graduating high school and being an ‘adult’. Yes, you have a lot more of ridiculous responsibilities, but you have the power to literally do whatever you want! Realize the potential you could have if you were in the right environment, surrounded by people wanting you to be the best version of yourself possible. The hardest part is leaving, whether it be the town you’ve grown to know so well, or the people you have surrounded yourself with for years, realizing it’s an environment that has made you stagnant.

It takes courage, but once you are outside of that bubble, your soul will burst with joy, for you can see from the outside looking in, how much happier and full you can be. Finally, you are able to go the direction you choose, with no one to hold you back. Happiness lies in your hands.

until next time,

• morgan

rest easy, Darren.


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