The Day of Manifest

A full moon and the longest day of sun, how could you not have motivation?

The summer solstice is here, it’s 8:40am and I’ve had my coffee, done the dishes, and vacuumed our home.  The solstice is treating me well. This is my first day off in 4 days (trust me, that’s weird for my schedule), and I’m ready to take on the day ahead.

Full moons always create a new-bound energy, for me at least. It’s a strong energy, sometimes it’s positive & leads to a productive week, but sometimes it can turn you amuck, feeling like you are in a ‘funk’ or off from your normal self. I’m sure there are skeptics out there with the thought of the moon 238,000+ miles away and being able to affect humans, but if the moon can have the force to create waves in our oceans, I believe our bodies can feel it too.

There’s yin and yang to the sun and moon; the sun is symbolic to strong, male force,large while the moon is soft with its femininity. The power of the sun and the emotions with the moon will create a strong, vibrant energy with relationships between male and female. So if you and your significant other are hitting it off today – embrace that positive flow! It’s about to be a fun day.

This summer solstice/full moon combination creates the perfect energy to manifest your dreams and goals for the rest of the year. There is about half of the year 2016 left, what are you wanting to accomplish by December? The first step to manifesting something is creating an end goal, something you wish to accomplish. It doesn’t have to be anything extreme or major, it could be a few little things, like work out more times a week, to stop biting your nails (que embarrassing picture of my tiny nails). A goal doesn’t need to be physical either; it could be working on your temper, having more empathy for others, or meditating once a day for 5 minutes.

Summer is a time of youthful spontaneity – be outside, soak up those positive forces of sun rays, and create everlasting memories with friends and family. The warm weather is a time for creating change but also having fun, work on your goals but be kind to yourself as well.

Today I plan to dig deep inside my magnificent mind and do some ‘summer cleaning ‘. Getting rid of grudges and letting go of things that have been subconsciously heavy on my shoulders. Then replacing all the negative, heavy energy with positive ideas and creations to keep me from being stagnant.

What things could you let go that you know would make your soul lighter? What new hobbies could you pick up to push you in a productive or creative route? Is there something that you started doing out of inspiration, only to stop after a couple tries? Utilize this time in the year to reevaluate your lifestyle, a little check-in with your soul to make sure you’re taking care of your well-being.

I hope today brings you nothing but positive and productive energy.

until next time,

• morgan



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