How To Shed The Ego & Rise With Spirituality

“Spirituality destroys the self. It deconstructs the false image, smashes everything unreal…every mind-made identity, everything that isn’t really you. It leaves you naked and humbled and unaware of any finish line.”   -Jeff Foster

It is a beautiful time to be alive, depending on your perspective of what’s currently going on in the world. In our society, we have easy access to food, water, shelter, and knowledge. The knowledge part is equally as important as the other three. We are at a time in our lives with internet access and free thinking being allowed. The internet leaves no stone unturned, nothing is left in the dark. This has given us the opportunity to learn what we are actually intrigued about, instead of a common core of classes in school that pick and choose what we learn.

Modern societies are awakening, humans are taking the time to discover themselves and different paths to take in life. Seldom do you see the housewife who does not work or go to school in order to clean and watch over the kids while the husband is working a 9-5. We live in a selfish society, but that is not meant to be interpreted as negative because we are finally caring about our well-being.

I hate to use the word awakening or spiritually awakening but I believe that’s the best way to describe what is starting to happen to many people, from kids in their young twenties, to adults in their forties. We are feeding our soul by realizing time on this planet has an end point, and we should be nothing short of happy and utilizing the unknown time we have here.

If  you are starting to realize there’s more to life than school, career, start a family, retire, and die. Or realizing the importance of travel. Or the negative effects of materialism and money. If you’re realizing the government may not have the best intentions for the people. Or you think about all the possible options there are once this life is over. If you have this desire to better your inner self. If you feel one or many of these things, there are more and more people like you every day, and it’s so wonderful! We are opening our mind and potential.

The desire to gain spirituality is a beautiful time. And with all the internet and social media we have, there are plenty of people who can help and motivate you. Spirituality is a path of enlightenment while decreasing the ego. The ego is the image you want everyone else to see. Your social media accounts, the clothes you choose to wear, what you choose to tell people about yourself, that’s all ego. And while we cannot completely rid the ego…shrinking it creates giant openings to finding the self. We like to have somewhat of uniqueness, I love self-expression through clothing/tattoos/writing/music/etc. It creates confidence to be the man or woman you want to be. But, how do we create such a positive, happy path of enlightenment in our lives without the need to ‘brag’ about it? I am guilty as anyone with social media. With the endless outlets of expressing what our life is like, it’s hard not to show off the beautiful landscape in front of me or the enjoyable activities I did that day. I want to motivate other people to enjoy the outdoors, exercise, research things, but there is always going to be a little ego behind it. There’s fine line between motivating and boasting, between inspiring and trying to create a falsely higher image of yourself.

So, how do we lessen the ego when we’re so proud of bettering ourselves? (which we should be proud!)

When you are about to share something with someone, what is your reason for sharing? Is it for hundreds of likes or views you might get? Or for people to think positively about you? What are your reasons for these people to know? Is it for the benefit of yourself or for the benefit of the people? Once you step back before vocalizing/sharing something and think,  Am I doing this to heighten my ego? Am I doing this to portray a false or heightened image of who I truly am? It makes it easier to see. Social media is a blessing for many things, but also a giant ego trap.

The point of lessening the ego is to realize you don’t need approval of others of how well you’re doing in life. All you need is the approval of yourself. Shrinking the ego lets you be who you truly are, there is no deception, no false image you are trying to portray because you know who you are. And that’s all that matters. You will never be your genuine self until you have no need to prove of the person you are.

“To serve your ego is to worship a false identity.” 

Improve yourself for yourself.

Work towards a goal for achievement, not for the appearance.

& with that note, I hope you see me less on your newsfeeds, I hope to improve myself and attain goals, big or small, humbly.

Happy Monday, everyone, and have the best week ♥

until next time,

• morgan



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