A Recipe To Happiness

“Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.”   – Lao Tzu

Humans all have different desires, goals, past experiences, and mindsets. So, how can there be one, perfect recipe for happiness? What is happinessMaybe it’s being wealthy, out of debt, finding a soulmate, or traveling the world. Everyone has a different goal they are trying to achieve during their lifetime, big or small. No matter what you are trying to accomplish, your well-being is a large factor in being content and successful in life.

I’m sure there’s an infinite amount of how-to books on finding happiness and what it means. I don’t like to put a definition to the word, we should all have our own unique interpretation of what we need to do in our day-to-day lives to achieve the “happiness” we desire.

This is a recipe of ingredients you can try to add in your daily life to create a content & high-spirited self.

Changing Your Perception On Situations

Your mindset, no matter the situation, can either make or break your day. It’s good to realize what we can and cannot control in our lives. I get a flat tire on my way home from work. Well, what can frustration do to benefit this situation? Nothing. In situations like this where negative and unexpected things happens, I think, Okay, this sucks. Now what? I accept the situation and then think what I can do next to fix it. The fact that I have a car to drive myself to a job where I get paid is enough of a luxury that many people don’t have. Why worry about something that can be fixed? Our perception makes our reality. We are in control of our lives. We may not be able to control something or someone else, but we can control how we react.

Self Love

I almost put Health instead of Self Love, but I decided not to. Even though for many it is a great benefit to be health-conscious with diet and exercise, I know everyone has a different view on eating habits and exercise styles. But, what is common about diet and exercise? It makes you feel confident about yourself. So, I say do whatever makes you feel good about your body and gives you the confidence you need to rock your day. Being comfortable in your skin is a major key to happiness. This is also something that is only controlled by you. If you dislike your body, don’t drown your sorrows in ice cream and complaints, realize this is making you unhappy, and work out a plan of how to fix it. Is it your diet? Going out too much? Or maybe you’re missing that runner’s high? Whether it’s yoga, weightlifting, dancing, or walking every night outside – there is always a way to work out in a style that’s enjoyable for you. Being confident in your skin creates new pathways in life that you wouldn’t take if insecure.

Creating Balance 

A little too much of anything is a bad thing. Life is all creating an equilibrium. Whether it’s diet, exercise, being creative, or working; the key is to counterbalance everything going on in your life to keep you sane. I used to be obsessed with fitness and weightlifting. But all this time I spent keeping track of my figure left me little time to read, write and better my mind. When I worked full-time I hated the fact that I had no free time. But, when I worked part-time I hated the fact of how much free time I had. Keep balanced with your mental and physical activities. Be in nature as much as you are in the gym or the office. Spend time alone as much as you do with your social groups. Realize we need the bad days in order to enjoy the good ones. I’ve been the happiest when I can balance my diet, tuck away into nature, read a good book, and find ways to work up a sweat. Too much of anything is a bad thing, no matter how ‘good’ that thing is.

Get Outside

Step out of the florescent lights and away from the artificial screens to fresh air and Vitamin D. If I’m ever having an off day, all I need is to step into nature. There’s something in the forests and meadows that the concrete jungle just can’t quite compete with. Besides the fact that there’s physical health benefits to being outdoors, I think many can agree from experience the mental relaxation and clarity they get from being engulfed by plants, trees, and the singing of birds. We get so distracted with our smartphones and TVs, we forget the importance of just sitting. The importance of hearing and listening to our thoughts. Nature is the perfect form of meditation. You don’t need to think about anything but the natural beauty in front of you, and whatever thoughts appear while doing so, you realize what has been on your mind lately that you have been trying to push away with distractions.

Re-evaluate Your Environment

Who you surround yourself with can be a major role in how you view yourself and your life. If you are surrounding yourself with negative people – you are going to be living a negative life. If you are surrounding yourself with people who do not want to better themselves – it will be difficult to better yourself. Re-evaluate who you are allowing into your life during a time where you want to grow in a positive direction. The people we surround ourselves with should be people who want to see us achieve more in life and strive to be better human beings. You have the power to decipher who is a positive or negative influence and whether you should be a part of their environment.

This may not be everything you need in order to achieve the happiness you desire, but incorporating these five things into your everyday lifestyle can dramatically change how you view your life. Take time to get to know yourself to see what matters the most to you. From diet and exercise, to being more social, or changing your reactions to daily challenges, you are the only one who can determine how well your day is going to be, and ultimately, your life.

until next time,

• morgan


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