Adapting To Change

“Change is never painful. Only the resistance to change is painful.”   – Unknown

It’s been a whirlwind of adjustment the past couple months. Two months ago, I was living in an attic in Colorado with my boyfriend. Now, I have an apartment in Iowa with my fiance. My days have been a blur of Pinteresting my wedding (that went from two years down the road to less than one!), applying for jobs, seeing family, and exploring my new home.

People often ask me if I miss Colorado. Surprisingly, I answer quickly with Nope. Which is odd, a year ago I would go on forever about how I could never move back to the Midwest. Now, I finally have peace of mind being back on my home turf. I do not miss the traffic, the hundreds of people moving there monthly, or the cost of living. I do, however, miss the daily trips into the mountains, the sunny weather (Iowa, do you need to be overcast every day??), and my state of mind.

I know this adjustment is only temporary, that this chaos, too, shall pass. But moving and adapting to your new environment is always taxing on the soul. Your surroundings are completely different, as well as the people and their state of mind.

Alas, nothing lasts forever. It is impossible to grow without facing constant change. And, we must realize that people and places may change us, but we can move forward without them, those memories forever in our hearts, forever changing our soul.

Just because the mountains are no longer next to me does not mean I can not reap the benefits that nature has to offer us.

Just because there are not yoga studios on every other street does not mean I cannot center myself wherever I am.

Just because the environment and people of somewhere changed my perspective on life does not mean I cannot carry this perspective with me wherever I go.

You can be whoever you want, wherever you are. You can learn Buddhism without being in India, you can appreciate nature without being in the most photographed National Park,  you can be a great athlete without using a state-of-the-art gym. You can be whoever you want to be – with the right mindset and enough determination.  Life will throw you in unfamiliar places but that will only create a stronger version of yourself.

Learn from your experiences and take it with you to your next destination. Forever changing, forever growing.

until next time,

• morgan


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