How To Make Our World A Little Better

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

With all the daily news and change happening recently, it’s easy to think that our world is falling apart. Whether that news is true, biased, or misconstrued, there is too much negative energy weighing our country down. It is easy to feel helplessness, anger, confusion, defeat..the list could go on. We can share our opinions online, spread the news of what’s happening, which is a good start. But, what else can we do to actually help? We, the people, may not be able to overturn laws in the blink of an eye, we may not be able to change someone’s opinion about a certain topic. So, what can we do?

Well, we can change our world for the better – by starting in our own backyard. We can start small. We can make our little worlds better by helping each other individually. Helping our friends, neighbors, and community. Right now you may not be able to change the world on a global scale, but right now you can literally change someone’s life for the better. There are too many people less fortunate than us and their lives can easily be changed if we just take a little time out of our day to help.

In this post, I am listing off ideas of how you can better your community. Change starts with you. Change starts with caring about the people that are hurting but may not be vocal about it. Those people need it the most. Every act of kindness creates a strong force of energy. Energy full of love, passion, and positivity that gets infinitely passed on by the people affected. Right now, more than ever, we need to remind each other of the power of love. How love alone can transform a human being’s perspective on life.

What if what you did today made someone believe in a better tomorrow?

Here are some ideas to help your community and they neighbors.

1. Donate 

Whether it be one dollar from your wallet or one hour of your time – donate! In my last post, the topic expanded on utilizing free time to spice up your life. What better way than to help your community? Homeless shelters, animal shelters, parks departments – many groups in your town are always needing a helping hand. An hour a week or an hour a month making other’s lives easier is an amazing trade-off for all parties involved. Take two seconds to type out “Volunteer opportunities in (insert your town here)” on Google and multiple pages will pop up. Search through whatever pulls at your soul and sign up. Bring a friend to motivate you. If you can’t donate your time right now, take the money that you would spend on a night out with your friends and pull up some money together to donate some items. Homeless shelters are always needing toiletries, clothing items, etc. Women – we love empowering one another, could you imagine not being about to afford something like tampons/menstrual pads? Or a nice fitted bra for an interview? Things like these are always needed for women’s shelters.

2. Help Keep Your Town Clean

Love our environment? Got a free day or even a couple hours? I’m sure this will be more enticing when we approach warmer weather, but going to your favorite park or hiking trail and sprucing it up a bit can help your entire community. Do you have a favorite spot in nature that you thinks needs at least one trash can? Try talking to your local parks department. Something as simple as adding one trashcan to a park or nature reserve could save hours upon hours of annual clean-up. Even if we can’t take a day out of our busy week to spend picking up trash, be mindful of whenever you’re walking outside. Whether it be to your car, to your work, or just enjoying a stroll in the park, if you see something you could pick up, do! Imagine every single person with this perspective, such little individual work could lead to huge success in cleaning up our Mother Earth. I personally love the idea of buying a packet of wildflower seeds and spreading them where ever you think some love is needed on a bare patch of land.

3. Random Act of Kindness

It could be a thank you letter to your police department or veteran, writing a self-love quote on a public restroom mirror, or telling a stranger you like their shirt. Random acts of kindness are just that – random thoughts you say aloud that take two seconds to make someone’s day. Pay it forward by filling up someone’s tank or buying their coffee. It’s amazing how one little act can completely transform someone’s day.

4. Know When Your Loved Ones Need Help

Helping strangers is always a good idea and easy to do, but it can be a touchy subject when wanting to help a loved one that may not want to ask for it. Know when your friends or family need help and see what you can do without making them feel uncomfortable. Do you know a family that is having a tough time financially? Create a fundraising event with friends and loved ones. Ask them if they need a hand with a home project or car repair. Assisting loved ones on such a deep level can sometimes be the most difficult, it’s hard to ask for help. And unfortunately, in our society, it is almost frowned upon to receive something without working for it. Everyone needs help at some point in their lives. It’s human to mess up in life, it’s natural to not always have it together. Do not feel inferior when you are needing a helping hand. Little do you know, there are hundreds that would drop whatever they are doing to make sure you are happy and content in life.

These are very broad topics that you can dive into with a million ideas. What other ideas do you have to help better your community? I know it may not seem like much compared to the big scheme of things – but we have to start somewhere, don’t we? We need an energy lift in our country. Love needs to be spread a little extra right now and there’s no better place than where you live. This type of energy eventually evolves into something much bigger. It just takes time, persistence, and endless amounts of love.

As Jimi Hendrix said,

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”

until next time,

• morgan

*Please comment and share your ideas of how we can help one other on a smaller scale*

**I do not own the photo used in this post.

3 thoughts on “How To Make Our World A Little Better

  1. kparker0825 says:

    Easter Seals, located in Ankeny take new and Bentley used clothing. They help people with intellectual disabilities find jobs, so they need clothing that people could wear to an interview.

    Hope Animal Rescue out of Grimes, relies on all foster families to provide a home for their animals until they are able to be adopted. If you are unable to foster, they do need animal food, supplies, toys, bedding, carriers, etc.

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