Happiness & Mindfulness

I believe we all get into these ‘funks’. From time to time, I get into these weird moods where I’m sad/not happy for no apparent reason at all. Nothing dramatic has happened, my mind just took a turn in the wrong direction. They’re kind of hard to get out of but I’m getting better recognizing it & quickly occupying myself to change my mindset.

There is a difference between pleasure & happiness, but it’s easy to confuse the two. Pleasure is indulging in some ice cream after a break up, or drinking a warm cup of coffee on a cold morning. Pleasure is dependent on objects or people. It can dissipate as quickly as it arrives.

Happiness, however, is dependent on you, and only you. It’s all about your mindset, how you perceive the situation you’re in. No matter what life throws at you, your perception of it depends on your happiness. I believe in the old cliche “Everything happens for a reason.”

I have also realized that as long as my mind is in the present, in the ‘now’, I look at the life I currently have and am more thankful. No worrying about the future, no regretting about the past. Be mindful. Be consciously aware about every activity you are doing. Whether it’s driving on a beautiful day with the windows down, cleaning your home with the music blaring, or spending time with people you love, just enjoy the little things. ENJOY the moment you are able to live in and experience. I think with the society that we are currently living in, you are constantly multi-tasking.

“Ugh, I have an 8 hour shift tomorrow, have to do laundry sometime this week, these bills are coming up, really shouldn’t of ate a whole bag of cookies (guilty).”

Texting, checking social media, web searching, working, running errands. Constant multi-tasking. Sometimes we just need to Breathe. Center your mind. Clear your thoughts. And do things one at a time. Be aware while doing the dishes, going on a walk, hanging out with your pets/children/family/friends. The simple-ness of the task becomes more bearable, even fun if you let it.

I believe mindfulness gets me out of any type of weird mood funk I’m in. Mindfulness is being consciously aware of what you are currently doing at the time. I like to do a tea meditation where all I do is sit in my reading nook and be aware of every breath I take, the taste and smell of the tea with every sip. It really lets me relax and re-focus my mind.

This post was probably more for me than you, but if you’re ever at a low point in your day, week, or life, change your perception about it. Look at it from a different viewpoint, there’s a silver lining to everything. Be mindful, my friends.

• morgan