How Are You Experiencing Life?

I absolutely love when I go into these trains of thought and get deep into my mind about life & everything about it. It’s so beautiful, this ride we’re on for 70-90 years (if you’re lucky). You get to enjoy this life with this body and this conscious only once, don’t waste it! Who knows where you’ll end up after this life is over; reincarnation with another body and another conscious, heaven, a different planet, the possibilities are endless and I think we can all secretly agree no one has any idea where we go after this ride. Continue reading

Balance is Key

Hey everyone! So, since I have been starting my new job & the weather has finally been treatin’ us well, I keep being reminded the importance of balance in my life.

Yin & yang is everything!  It’s everywhere! Balance in your life is a must and being mindful of that makes life a whole lot easier to handle. You need the negatives to appreciate the positives. Nature needs winter to rebirth & bloom in the spring. You need to sleep at night to have the energy to have an amazing day. You need to exercise your body to be able fuel your body with the food that you enjoy. Continue reading