Adapting To Change

“Change is never painful. Only the resistance to change is painful.”   – Unknown

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Why Iowa Will Always Be Home

The world is so enticing, so tempting to explore. Once young ones graduate high school, they are pushed out into the unknown, ready to soak up every bit of adventure they can. Every young adult’s goal is to ‘get out’, meet new people; bored of the home they grew up to know too well.

And while at 20 years young I couldn’t wait one more second to get out of my hometown, 2 years later & two states away, Iowa will always be #1 in my heart.

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Nature’s Revival

It’s been a slow start to the morning in our household. It’s a moon day for me – I’m off work, I’m still in my PJs, and my coffee isn’t quite finished. My only plans for the day are to get outside, run a few errands, and relax. We all need a moon phase just as much as sun. Relax just as much as you work.

Our windows are open & the birds are chirping, and slowly I breathe in the fresh, warm air of spring. It’s the season of nature’s revival; the trees are sprouting and the flowers are breaking free of the earth. It’s a beautiful renaissance of a time, where we are all awakening from the hibernation of winter – ready to work on ourselves and achieve new goals for the year that lies ahead. It’s my favorite time of the year because the energy is strong & positive. Continue reading

The Unexpected Teachings of Yoga

It’s truly spectacular what a new moon’s energy can do to my motivation. I have felt like a completely new person, focusing on myself and guiding myself through new challenges every day. It’s stimulating as well as rewarding.

Yoga has always been an off & on practice for me, but lately it’s been my morning routine. I have fallen for it in a new way & I know this time is different. I’m excited to wake up every morning, roll out the mat, set up the tripod, press record, and begin. I’ve looked at yoga through a new lens, a perspective different than before, & I’m discovering things about myself that I haven’t previously.

Yoga can teach much more than how to be flexible or how to pose in Lotus. It’s teaching me life lessons. Here are a few things I am discovering:

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