Adapting To Change

“Change is never painful. Only the resistance to change is painful.”   – Unknown

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The Unexpected Teachings of Yoga

It’s truly spectacular what a new moon’s energy can do to my motivation. I have felt like a completely new person, focusing on myself and guiding myself through new challenges every day. It’s stimulating as well as rewarding.

Yoga has always been an off & on practice for me, but lately it’s been my morning routine. I have fallen for it in a new way & I know this time is different. I’m excited to wake up every morning, roll out the mat, set up the tripod, press record, and begin. I’ve looked at yoga through a new lens, a perspective different than before, & I’m discovering things about myself that I haven’t previously.

Yoga can teach much more than how to be flexible or how to pose in Lotus. It’s teaching me life lessons. Here are a few things I am discovering:

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