Nature’s Revival

It’s been a slow start to the morning in our household. It’s a moon day for me – I’m off work, I’m still in my PJs, and my coffee isn’t quite finished. My only plans for the day are to get outside, run a few errands, and relax. We all need a moon phase just as much as sun. Relax just as much as you work.

Our windows are open & the birds are chirping, and slowly I breathe in the fresh, warm air of spring. It’s the season of nature’s revival; the trees are sprouting and the flowers are breaking free of the earth. It’s a beautiful renaissance of a time, where we are all awakening from the hibernation of winter – ready to work on ourselves and achieve new goals for the year that lies ahead. It’s my favorite time of the year because the energy is strong & positive. Continue reading

The Unexpected Teachings of Yoga

It’s truly spectacular what a new moon’s energy can do to my motivation. I have felt like a completely new person, focusing on myself and guiding myself through new challenges every day. It’s stimulating as well as rewarding.

Yoga has always been an off & on practice for me, but lately it’s been my morning routine. I have fallen for it in a new way & I know this time is different. I’m excited to wake up every morning, roll out the mat, set up the tripod, press record, and begin. I’ve looked at yoga through a new lens, a perspective different than before, & I’m discovering things about myself that I haven’t previously.

Yoga can teach much more than how to be flexible or how to pose in Lotus. It’s teaching me life lessons. Here are a few things I am discovering:

Continue reading


Plenty of people have questioned how Kolin & I left everything (and everyone) we knew to go live on our own, especially at our age. We ventured out into the vast world of the unknown & took our chances.

To this day I get asked, “How did you know it was time to leave? Was it hard leaving everyone behind? How did you do it?” Continue reading