Forgotten Beauty

I have been obsessing over trees lately.

The way they are grounded.


So easy to look straight at them,

but look up. Continue reading


It’s the Little Things


It’s been a minute since I posted, been a crazy month of job changes, lifestyle changes, and holidays without the family.

Christmas was definitely off, we weren’t able to make it home. Luckily, Kolin has distant family here who took us in like we were their own 🙂 That helped a lot, and at least Kolin & I have each other. We were able to have a ‘virtual’ Christmas of opening presents with our family over Facetime, the best we could do 🙂

My life is kind of a mess right now & you’d think I’d be more worried, but what good does that do? Continue reading


‘Ello fellow readers. I am still trying to figure out all this blog craziness. It’s been fun figuring it all out and realizing how invested I am & want to be in this blog. I definitely feel gravitated towards this idea and I want to keep pursuing this. Also, getting all of your positive feedback has been amazing, so thank you! Continue reading