My Yoga Journey: Past, Present, and Future

I am a week shy of finishing my 8 week program of Flexi Fit from Self Taught Yogis. I thought I should share my overall experience.

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Finding Yourself

One of the biggest reasons I started this blog was because I knew there were other people my age who were¬†lost in the path they should take post high school. It is definitely a lot of pressure at such an important time in your life. You spend 13 years being told exactly what to do and where to go, then once you graduate it’s like…well, now what? You are suddenly bombarded with letters from colleges around you, teachers & parents alike asking what your plan is, your high school best friends persuading you to follow their path. It’s hard to think for yourself. Continue reading

Happiness & Mindfulness

I believe we all get into these ‘funks’. From time to time, I get into these weird moods where I’m sad/not happy for no apparent reason at all. Nothing dramatic has happened, my mind just took a turn in the wrong direction. They’re kind of hard to get out of but I’m getting better recognizing it & quickly occupying myself to change my mindset. Continue reading