What is Boho En Route?

Hi! It’s Morgan, thank you so much for taking the time to visit Boho En Route! This blog started as a creative escape to sort out all the thoughts in my forever-running mind. In August of 2014,  at 20 years old, my boyfriend and I packed up our belongings, selling what wouldn’t fit in our two cars, and hit the road to Colorado, leaving Iowa in the rear view mirrors. Growing up in a small farm town, our souls were thirsty for travel and self-discovery.  On our way to the mountainous state, we had no jobs planned out, no apartment ready for us, but we were filling the void of our wanderlust, happier than we’d ever been. It took a couple months to get back on our feet, but we survived and we thrived.

This blog is about the travels I’ve been on and the thoughts I’ve had since broadening my horizons. My goal in life is to keep discovering the world, as well as myself. I am a firm believer of following your instincts and pursuing your passions, whatever that may be. Life is about creating happiness in yourselves and others along the way. If you’re ever feeling lost in life, lost in yourself, craving for new adventure, or have a deep love for nature, I hope these posts can help you as much as they help myself.

Join me on the path of self-exploration.


1. Boho (Bohemian) lifestyle – For me, means living an alternative lifestyle than what’s ‘normal’ to our country’s society. Minimalism, caring little about materialism, needing  simple things to be happy, like – exploring, being surrounded by loved ones, and doing things that makes my soul full (hiking, being outside, exercising my body, and expanding my mind)

2. En Route – because I love where I am at but I haven’t figured it all out just quite yet. I’m still learning and changing my future plans by the week. Who knows where I will end up in 20, 30, 40 years, but that’s what makes it so exciting.

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